While fine residential building design is, in large part, our focus, Kumaran Design also designs public spaces and light commercial. Here is a list:

Projects: Commercial and Public Spaces

Anchor Bay Restaurant               Concept

Auto Repair Shop                       New Facility

Buddha Hut                               JFK Airport Vegi Fast Foods Concept

Bulldog Brothers                        Street Façade Redesign Concept

Cloud View Winery                    Winery + an additional Earth Sheltered  Barrel
                                                Storage Building and Tasting Room Concept
Heather Farms Gazebo               Ceremonial Gazebo

Heather Farms Gift Shop            Concept

San Marga Visitor Center            Kauai Botanical Gardens Concept

San Marga Restrooms                 Kauai Botanical Gardens – ready for permitting

Sea Ranch Chapel                      Prayer and Meditation Chapel

GK Office                                  Whole Building Office Renovations under construction

Ukiah Methodist Church             New Church Concept

Uncommon Brewers                   Brewery + Tasting Room 

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