Lambert Residence – Mountain View, CA

Design program

Create a ‘new ‘ home, combining the original 1,020 sf, 2 bedroom, 1 bath residence built after WWII with a new wing @ 843 sf comprising the new dining room, office, and bedroom suite. Stylistically, the new wing, to the rear, is modern in form and spaciousness while the original residence remains 1950 in form but is totally renewed inside with complementary elements outside tying the exterior to the new modern wing.


A core design element is celebrating a magnificent Japanese Maple and its companion Mulberry tree. The new wing extends directly within the canopy and then steps around both trees to put you in their nature.

While considering the outdoors, we are also attempting to recapture the front yard by creating a court, a patio that can be occupied as much as it is just passed through.

In suburbia, planning departments through zoning effectively curtail front yard living with devices like building setbacks and max 3’ high fences. While understanding the desire at the time to sub-urbanize – a monoculture of bland unused front yards has been created.

Photography: Indivar Sivanathan