Posted on February 20 in is the article “Regional variations on the ‘Pretty Good House’. They define ‘pretty good house’ as a house that seeks to balance construction cost and energy performance without being constrained by the dictates of existing green building programs or rating systems.   i.e. be practical, be effective, make smart choices, find the right blend that fits your particular situation. This is how we approached the Heeschen Residence. We (I include the owner here) looked at, borrowed and incorporated good energy efficiency and sustainable, green building practices from many green building programs. Let’s name this approach: the “just right house”.

It should be said about green building programs and certification – there is value in certification as it provides a record of achieved benchmarks. It sets a standard for the builders, particularly if they are not so well versed or committed to sustainable, green building. The certificate is a ‘value added’ feature should the home or building be sold.