The second important facility at the Living Culture Center is the History and Language Building. Taking its cue from the ceremonial roundhouse @ Grinding Rocks, the circular form is partially dug in, earth wrapping around stone walls. The four corners are evoked with windows placed in each of the four directions. The largest group of windows is to the south for solar gain. A central skylight illuminates the sacred center,  strengthened by exposed natural timber. A sod roof provides a living, green connection to nature. Area = 4873 sf.

Floor Plan

Entry Elevation
Interior toward the Entry
           with Story Telling Circle, Display, Lounge, Entry & Digital Workstations (l to r)


Interior toward the North
with Recording Studio, Story Telling Circle, Archival Display, Lounge, and Help Desk (l to r)

As an aside, Native Californians, who have suffered at the hands of the dominant culture, live with a particular injustice that is easily rectified. UC Berkeley, among others, have collected Indian ‘artifacts’ since its inception. Though there has been a benefit in preservation, in reality the collections are the culture, living culture, of the Native Californians. Rather than have the culture tucked away in academia and museums, the culture should be returned to the various tribal nations to use and revere. And, yes, store, preserve, and catalog to make this culture available to academia and museums. Study the past of the native peoples in their present.