James Hubbell is turning 80 this week. There is a big celebration @ his home in Santa Ysabel, San Diego County today. I had the extraordinary opportunity to work with James to build the Sea Ranch Chapel. It is quintessential art and architecture.  I always learn from James. In a recent interview he shares: 

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What kind of music do you listen to?
Schubert. Berlios. Mozart. I like Mexican music, too. I’m not that much into contemporary. Occasionally, because they sometimes play really interesting things. But I don’t usually like it.
I sort of don’t feel I fit into the contemporary world. I don’t understand most of the artists, what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.
Do you feel that way at all about architecture?
A lot of it. You know how many glass buildings there are? You can see yourself, so it’s narcissistic. And it reflects everything. It’s an elusive thing. It’s sort about how we think of ourselves. You know, a gothic building — half of it is shadows. Where with a contemporary building, there’s hardly any shadow.
If you use shadow, then you’re saying, “Mystery’s OK.” If you’re afraid of shadows, you build a building that doesn’t have any.
I have no idea if I’m right.
Interview by Kelly Bennett
See more of Jim Hubbell’s work  hubbellandhubbell.com/