Early in my career I had the opportunity advance my craft of timber framing. The timber is mostly rough sawn clear heart redwood from the owner’s property. Very beautiful.

Below, Corner 4×10 Top Plate. Allows for a pair of 4×8 corner posts, each with double tenons.

Below, The slots are for water proofing. The mortise is for a window header.

Below, Double tenons on a 4×8 post as the top plate settles in.

Below, Here is a window sill, with slope to the outside, mortised into a post.

A nap? The hat has a patch that reads Mendocino Fighting Abs, with a tiny abalone shell in the middle. The volleyball team’s motto: “you can beat us, you can pound us, but we are still tough”

Looking upward at a corner. 4×10 sill. Double 4×8 posts. Window sills and headers forming a corner window. And double 4×10 top plates crossing.

Above, Another view.

A broader view near the entry. The post is a from a nicely shaped bay tree. The roof framing showing how the rafters and decking fan around the roofs hip.

Above, A window view.

The Entry – years later, with an addition to the left