Been quite busy since our last post. Two significant whole house remodels with additions plus two new homes have been designed and are in for permitting. One of these is further along being under construction and is substantially complete. This while we all have been living through major fires, the pandemic and the most important election of our lifetime. Going forward, the door remains open to design residences and spiritual spaces.

They do need to be beautiful, gorgeous in architectural design while meeting high standards of energy efficiency, resilience and be ever so practical. Interested?


Rotterdam in Santa Cruz?

Year: 2020 – in permitting

Area: 2000 sf

Sited near Summit with a broad sweep for a view of the forest and Soquel Creek watershed. This home can stylistically best be defined as Rotterdam Industrial Modern. Fitting for a young family, functional, robust, modest though not understated. Operationally uses passive solar techniques, with deep energy efficiency standards met. Plus full WUI, now more appropriate than ever.

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New Home in Santa Cruz

Year: 2020, in permitting
Area: 3000 sf

Sited on a ridge overlooking Redwood forests, rooms focus on the views to the west. With no other homes nearby, close in views are afforded in the other 3 directions. Core features include off-grid, net zero, full WUI, timberframe, with simple plus modern styling. Or, to put it another way, the Nearings meet Dwell.

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